EOBD Code Reader – Live Data

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• Enables fast and easy-access to any vehicle’s EOBD (Petrol 2001on and Diesel 2004on) diagnostic codes and establishes the cause of the illuminated engine check light (MIL).
• Displays fault code definition on-screen.
• CAN enabled tool, retrieves generic P0, P2, P3 and U10 codes for engine emissions and also picks up manufacturer specific P1, P3 and U1 codes.
• Unit then turns off MIL light, clears codes and resets monitors.
• Supports new extended sensor list (SAE J1979 2007).
• Gives access to live data streams from the engine and transmission modules and also stores freeze-frame data for later evaluation.
• Live display of O2 sensor data.
• Includes I/M Readiness to eliminate drive cycle guesswork, using colour-coded LEDs.

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